Skincare tools

Skincare is an ever-evolving field. And this evolution means that there’s always room for new tools and techniques to enter the market. How do we know which skincare tools work and which don’t? Speaking to skin specialist Bianca Estelle, we reveal some tips and tricks to finding effective tools that will level up your skincare routine.

How to know which tools work?

This one is all about reading up. “I’d recommend doing your research on the technology used in each tool and what the evidence is surrounding each technology,” says Estelle. It’s best to look up the meaning of a jargonic term and see if it’s connected to science. If it’s something that can be backed up, it’s worth believing.

What products are proven to “actually work.”

When it comes to products that have proven results, Estelle says, “I highly rate LED light therapy and RadioFrequency.” And while they work, there are levels, as the in-clinic versions of these treatments are more potent than the at-home equivalent.Medical News Today points out that blue LED light reduces activity in the sebaceous glands, which are small oil-producing glands, the reduction of which causes less oil, which, in turn, improves acne symptoms. This light can be seen in the Foreo Espada; the FDA cleared product that treats acne by using the aforementioned blue LED light therapy.

How do skincare tools work?

When it comes to light therapy and radio frequency, the science of why they work is clear. “LED light therapy works by emitting ‘low-level light emitting diode’ energy onto the skin, which creates a chemical that targets different chromophores within the skin,” says Estelle.  Meanwhile, radiofrequency uses “energy [that] heat various layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production and in turn encourages smoother, plumper skin.” Another product that works well is a silicone cleansing brush, like the Foreo Luna brush. “Silicone cleansing brushes work by sending a vibrating pulse onto the skin, loosening dead skin cells and encouraging cellular proliferation.”

Are your fingertips an underrated skincare tool?

Yes, your fingertips. With all the focus on advanced products, it can be easy to forget the simpler things. “There are many benefits available when using fingertips,” says Estelle. She points out that the main one is “lymphatic drainage which is known to ‘transform’ the face (and body).”

This drainage is known to help lymph, which flows naturally around the body but often builds up and blocks because of health conditions. The resulting drainage helps improve circulation and reduces swelling.

Is there a quick test to use to figure out a fad product?

In an ideal world, we’d like a quick BS sticker on a product to save ourselves wasted time, but, according to Estelle, we’re still a while away from that. “[There’s] not really [a way to tell a fad]. I’d always recommend reviewing the science. Often, gadgets or tools launch simply reinventing the wheel. But if the science is there to support the technology these tools are using, then it’s worth exploring.” So, in the meantime, stick to products like the ones mentioned above that we know work for real.