gender-neutral fragrances

Now that spring is finally here, it’s time for a lighter fragrance to suit the weather. While it’s tempting to continue wearing evening fragrances, they can often smell a tad overbearing in the warmer climes. After all, no one wants to smell like heavy oak in May; you’re not Ron Burgundy. The idea of masculine or feminine fragrances is an old school idea, so we’ve rounded up a range of gender-neutral scents that you and your significant other can both enjoy.

Gender-neutral fragrances worth sharing

Le Labo Santal 33

A unisex classic, Le Labo’s Santal 33 fragrance has long since reached cult status. After all, only a few brands are popular enough to command their own mocking Instagram account.

A lightweight blend of leathery, spicy and musky notes, Santal 33 works well in spring, bringing a distinctive edge. The scent even comes in the detergent form to make sure all your clothes have that Le Labo signature smell.

Byredo Gypsy Water

While not quite as renowned as Santal 33, Byredo’s Gypsy Water is just as well suited for spring. Featuring notes of pine needle, sandalwood, lemon, vanilla and bergamot, the resulting smell is a light and airy fragrance that doesn’t overpower the wearer.

Inspired by the Romani people, Gypsy Water is a unique concoction of notes, which would explain why it’s Byredo’s most popular fragrance across both genders. 

Laboratory Perfumes Gorse

Meet one of the newer names in this roundup, the British brand Laboratory Perfumes. This fragrance is inspired by the English countryside (think flowers, herbs, and aromatic botanicals) mixed with French and Moroccan influence hints.

Gorse is a prime example of these inspirations. Evoking memories of the founder’s trips to the South of France, Gorse is a zesty scent with notes of coconut and cardamom. 

Gender-neutral fragrances

The Nue Co Forest Lungs

The Nue Co aims to do more than provide fragrances, using olfactory chemistry and patented technology to create scents that can help change moods for the better. Forest Lungs is called a ‘sensory supplement’ as it’s been designed with stress alleviation in mind. 

Using citrus notes, there’s also vetiver, cedarwood, benzoin, patchouli and bergamot amongst the ingredients of this fragrance. And in times like these, a scent that does double duty as a stress reliever is of great interest.

19-69 Miami Blue

19-69 was founded in 2017 by artist and product developer Johan Bergelin. A brand after our own heart, all of 19-69’s fragrances are designed to be gender-neutral.

As the name suggests, Miami Blue is inspired by the cult classic TV show Miami Vice and is designed for warm weather. A fresh and aquatic scent composed of lemon, ginger, and, um, cocaine accord. While you might not necessarily want to smell like the last note, the other ones are enticing enough to be an ideal spring scent.