Small gestures of kindness couple

Increasingly, our lives are becoming more and more scheduled, even outside of work. When the opportunity for a break presents itself, we usually feel pressured to fill in that time with other obligations. The time we set aside for our partner ends up being put on hold until we get off the phone or finish that project. Sometimes showing our spouses that we still care through small gestures of kindness is the easiest way to get back on track.

In 2022, we have the unique ability to be right next to each other and yet be miles apart. Psychologist, Melanie Greenberg Ph.D. encourages couples to practice mindfulness both in life and in love. In a piece written for Psychology Today, she states, Mindfulness can help us notice when we are on autopilot and redirect attention to whatever our partner is saying or to what they may be feeling and needing”.  Whatever it may look like for us, we should regularly schedule quality time to truly connect. For some, that could means enjoying a 6-course dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant, while for others, it could mean a 4-hour hike in the wilderness. A relationship not tended to is a relationship at risk.

Don’t overthink a nice thing

A gesture can be as small or as large as we choose. Sometimes it can be just a matter of sending our spouse a meme that makes them laugh or simply remembering that they like Repasado and not Blanco. Small gestures of kindness make our partners feel appreciated, so we shouldn’t overlook the little things in life. When we think of our partners, why not reach out to them? If we see something that reminds us of them, why not get it? If we want a hug, why not give a hug? After all, it is better to give than to receive.

Make their favorite Meal

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Whether it’s a greasy burger or a plate of pasta, what’s most important, is to choose something that our partners will enjoy. The effort put into conceptualizing and preparing this offering will be much appreciated. We suggest starting with a great a recipe – check out these planet friendly cookbooks thar are sure to impress your spouse:

Run them a bath

Baths are not for everyone; but for many, soaking in a tub is the ultimate physical and mental stress relief. Preparing a bath for our partners, while the unwind is a great way to show that we care. It allows them to reap the rewards without doing any of the work.

Play their favorite game

Make a date of it. Put together a trivia quiz about your partner’s favourite team. Play a round of cards. Whether you pick up your favorite game console or your’e carving out time for that device free compettition – gamifying date night ia great way to connect with your spouse.

Watch their favorite movie

While definitely a small gesture, watching our partner’s favourite movie demonstrates that we take an interest in their interests. Why not start with something romantic?

Mix a cocktail/mocktail

After a long hard day or a long night’s sleep, we can all appreciate a thoughtfully stirred libation. Luckily, there are many guides and videos on the web to make our amateur bartender dreams come true. Why not name your booze? How about coming up with a customized name, in honour of your partner?

Letting our partners know we care

Showing our partners that they are loved and appreciated every single day isn’t always easy. Life has a habit of getting in the way of our good intentions, but a good relationship is worth the sacrifice. We can steal a few moments away from scrolling through our Instagram feed or sifting through what’s new on Netflix to dedicate some time to our partner. Showing love throughout the year fuels our relationships and lets our better half know that we don’t take them for granted.