7 of our favourite businesses near you

Now more than ever, we need to support our small and local businesses. According to data from Yelp, 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent. This means that your favorite little pizza shop or local artisan will most likely be permanently replaced by large chains that can afford to weather the storm. If this conjures up the image of Meg Ryan putting away books in “The Shop Around The Corner” then you get the picture. Btw that was a reference to everyone’s favourite Norah Ephron film You’ve Got Mail. The intention behind the Shop Small movement is not just a seasonal campaign, but an evergreen way to preserve the heart and soul of our communities. While this curated list of incredible BIPOC owned businesses below provides us with amazing gifting Ideas, we encourage you to think of them the next time you reach for your wallet.

Gooodman Factory

Goodman Factory (pronounced GOOD-MAN) is a premium men’s grooming line. They believe that taking care of our hair is about more than just follicular maintenance, it is the first step in a self-love practice. 

Why We Love Them

Spreading the message of self-care and self-love to men of colour is something that we can get behind. Men, (and) specifically black men, are often underserved or not represented in the wellness category. Thanks to brands like Goodman Factory this is changing.


GOODEE World is the latest successful venture for Dexter and Byron Peart formerly of Want Les Essentiels. This time the brothers partnered with the UN’s ethical fashion initiative and a collection of global artisans to bring you beautifully crafted homewares.

Why We Love Then

They seek to attract the conscious consumer; someone who is concerned with the social and environmental impact of their purchases. They are proud members of the 1% for the planet initiative, in which they donate at least a minimum of 1% of every sale to support environmental non-profit organizations.

Lola’s Apothecary

Lola’s Apothecary Is a thoughtfully curated online shop offering spa-quality, small-batch products.

“Wishing to combine his passions for Spa, wellness & nature into one holistic vision,  [Founder and Owner] Dominic set out to create a range of couture natural beauty, spa & wellness wonders, to be handmade by inspired artisans on his picturesque family estate.”

Why We Love Them

Based in Devon, Shire Country, Lola’s Apothecary delivers the best of natural countryside relaxation in a bottle. With a powerful focus on healing, each of their products are packed with soothing ingredients.


ENZI Footwear is your source for premium handcrafted leather sneakers. Every last piece of an ENZI shoe is cut by hand and hand-lasted in Ethiopia.

Why We Love Them

First off, ENZI makes beautiful shoes celebrated by the likes of CNN and GQ. We Love their message “ENZI is a premium footwear brand that is part of a new narrative of African creativity, craftsmanship and enterprise.”

Las Olas

Las Olas are UK-based spiced rum distillers serving a unique and premium product. In an interview he did with Observer Magazine, Rapper Stormzy named Las Olas as one of his top rum brands of 2019.  In a time where travel is limited their rum will have you smelling that fragrant island air. 

Why We Love Them

When you combine smooth, sweet and spicy rum with beautiful and sleek packaging you cannot go wrong. In January the brand will be introducing a subscription plan.

Apprenti Ôr’ganik 

Apprenti Ôr’ganik is a luxurious therapeutic body care line made with Canadian Hemp Seed and natural organic ingredients. This Montreal-based, family-owned business believes that less is more; all ingredients are simple and naturally derived “From The Earth to Your Skin”.

Why We Love Them

They boast a decadent line of 100% organic, hemp-infused products; from their cannabis oil elixir to their herbal detox bar. All products in the range exclude; synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulphate, animal testing, petroleum and mineral oils.